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About Petcosky Fire Protection

Our unique approach to Fire Protection Solutions

Initially Petcosky Fire Protection was a division of Petcosky and Sons, however, as our business grew, we determined that to meet our customers' needs, we would need to split the business in March of 2016. Mike's wife, Kim Petcosky, stepped up the plate to run Petcosky Fire Protection as President and CEO. Kim has been very involved with the Fire Protection side of the business since 2009, and with Mike being directly involved with Petcosky and Sons as President, they felt it would be best to let Kim run the day to day business operations of Petcosky Fire Protection. Mike's son-in-law, Brian Terrell, joined the team to handle the inspecting, testing, and maintenance division of Petcosky Fire Protection. Brian also has 20+ years in the volunteer firefighting service.

As Kim has stated before, she is very proud of her firefighting family.

“It is a great extension of Petcosky Fire to have employees that have firefighting experience,” Kim has stated. “Being that they have seen the devastation of fire, it puts that much more passion into our mission of safety, honesty and excellence because we care.”

Petcosky Fire Protection can maintain or install any type of water based fire protection system on budget and on time! It’s our goal to best serve our customers by using state of the art products and design. Call Petcosky Fire Protection today for all of your fire sprinkler system needs.