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System Corrosion Prevention & Mitigation

Flannery Buildings

Corrosion is found in all sprinkler systems and is one of the leading causes of maintenance. Corrosion can also cause operational problems in your sprinkler system.

When oxygen is present in the system piping, it will create corrosion of the piping. Oxygen can be trapped in a wet fire sprinkler system causing corrosion, or oxygen is present in a dry system since it is charged with air. Corrosion also is significantly influenced by the water condition.

What can be done to prevent corrosion from affecting your sprinkler system? The answer is many things. Petcosky Fire Protection can conduct a field survey and put together a mitigation or prevention plan for you. The following items can be done to prevent or mitigate corrosion issues:

  • Nitrogen Air Systems (For Dry Pipe / Pre-Action Systems)
  • Water Sample Testing
  • Air Release Systems
  • Chemical Inhibitors
  • Corrosion Monitoring Systems