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Our Team

Kim Petcosky

Kim Petcosky President/CEO

While Petcosky Fire Protection was created in 2016, the Petcosky Family has been in the fire protection business for much longer, and Kim has been an essential part of that from day one. Kim manages the day to day business operations in the role of President and CEO for Petcosky Fire Protection. Under Kim's direction, all employees meet the Petcosky Fire Protection’s expectations of Safety, Honesty and Excellence. In her capable hands, Petcosky Fire Protection operates efficiently and effectively, ensuring customer satisfation.

Mike Petcosky

Mike Petcosky CFO

As chief financial officer, Mike's business savvy and experience has made Petcosky Fire Protection a success. He has been in business for 30+ years as President of Petcosky and Sons Plumbing and Heating. Mike gives daily input on how to make Petcosky Fire Protection a turnkey business. He brings with him an extensive knowledge in Fire Protection systems. Mike has 35+ years as a volunteer firefighter, serving as high as assistant chief.

Justin Petcosky

Justin Petcosky Vice President of New Construction


Justin is Vice President of New Construction Operations and Petcosky Fire Protection's expert in new sprinkler systems installed or designed. Justin has had extensive fire sprinkler design training with the American Fire Sprinkler Association and National Fire Sprinkler Association. Justin has 10+ years in the Volunteer Fire Service and as a provider of EMS. Additionally, he handles all new system sprinkler system estimations.

Brian Terrell

Brian Terrell Vice President, Operations

Brian Terrell is Vice President of Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Operations. Brian manages everything from simple Wet Sprinkler System Quarterly Inspections to Fire Pump testing. He has had extensive training in regards to NFPA 25 and NYS Fire Code requirements from the National Fire Sprinkler Association and American Fire Sprinkler Association. Brian also has 20+ years in Volunteer Fire Service.